Kensington School is committed to building strong partnerships with parents and communication has become the core of these wonderful, close relationships with families. From daily electronic and verbal communication to classroom and director newsletters, to special school events and parent-teacher conferences, Kensington School consistently strives to keep parents informed of their child’s daily activities and classroom learning experiences.

Daily Communication is Paramount
Kensington School staff members and directors interact daily with parents, warmly greeting families at the beginning and end of their child’s time at Kensington, perhaps with a story about the day. Our staff and directors truly enjoy the strong bonds they make with families and will gladly discuss any questions or comments, either face to face, over the phone or via electronic communication.

Tadpoles© Digital Communication Tool
See your child learn and grow each day. Kensington School enjoys the use of Tadpoles mobile application, allowing teachers to share pictures, videos, and notes with parents about their child daily. Frequently, we are told these are a sweet highlight of a parent’s day. These images can be saved and shared by parents. From individual daily reports to upcoming school-wide events, classroom activities and important school information, each family member is well-informed of what their child is experiencing at Kensington School. This software also allows for parents to send notes to their child’s teacher and to view their child’s learning portfolios, documenting developmental progress and achievements.

From classroom newsletters, director’s newsletters, and monthly curriculum newsletters to “Tinker Times” reporting on happenings in the Kensington Tinkerlab and notes from Mrs. Health and Happiness, our school nurse, with information and links to our weekly wellness curriculum, Kensington School keeps parents informed of the curriculum-rich learning experiences happening inside each classroom.

Parent-Teacher Conferences are held semiannually and provide feedback through information from “I’m On My Way” assessments and Kindergarten report cards. Parents are always welcome to request a parent teacher conference at any time.