Frequently Asked Questions

Hours - What are your store hours?

Open Sunday through Thursday 11 a.m. – 11 p.m. and Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. – Midnight

Holidays – We are closed Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day

Reservations - How do I make a reservation?

Please contact the Leatherby’s location where you wish to hold your event at and ask to speak with a manager to schedule a reservation. Be sure to verify that you are speaking to the correct location and not one of our other two restaurants.

2333 Arden Way in Sacramento • (916) 920-8382
7910 Antelope Road in Citrus Heights • (916) 729-4021
8238 Laguna Boulevard in Elk Grove • (916) 691-3334

*From Memorial Day through Labor Day reservations are accepted daily anytime before 4pm and upon availability. After Labor Day and thrughout the year, reservations are accepted anytime except for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights after 4pm.

Please trust that our lines move very fast and even during the busy summer months our crew is able to quickly accomidate large parties. Thank you for your understanding.

*We can accommodate for parties of 1 to 100

Gift Certificates - Do you sell gift cards?

A Leatherby’s gift card is basically like giving someone a smile with a cherry on top. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion, and one of the biggest perks is that our gift cards are guaranteed not to melt! We sell gift cards for any dollar amount at all three of our creamery locations, or you can easily make an on-line gift card purchase: Gift Certificates

Parties - Do you have birthday party packages?

Yes, we love parties! For over 30 years, folks have gone to Leatherby’s Family Creamery to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, 1st dates, report cards, new homes… the list goes on and on! Please follow this link for more information: Parties

Parties - How many people can your restaurants accommodate?

We can accommodate parties of 1 to 100 or more, depending on the time and date. Please contact your local Leatherby’s location to schedule your reservation: Contact Us

Employment - Are you hiring?

Thank you for your interest in working at Leatherby’s Family Creamery. Depending on the season and changing employment situation, we may or may not be hiring in one or more of our creameries. Please see our employent page here: Employment

Customer Feedback - How do I talk to someone about an experience I had in your creamery?

The Leatherby family works very hard to make sure that every visit is delicious, fun and memorable. We appreciate any time a guest takes time to communicate with us about their experience whether it be positive or negative. All customer feedback is used for training and guiding our staff and we assure you that your message will be taken with serious consideration. You may contact us via email:, or depending on the urgency and seriousness of the situation, you may contact a manager at any or our creameries and/or request to speak with one of the Leatherby family.

Creamery Tours - Do you host tours of your creamery?

Yes, generations of children in Sacramento have visited our parlor for a tour of our ice cream room and deep freezers. There is a minimal charge for our tours which includes a lesson on the history of ice cream, an ice cream cone and a coupon good for your next visit to one of our creameries. Please call your local Leatherby’s Family Creamery for further details and to make your reservation.

Shipping Products - Do you ship your sauces?

Yes!  Please follow this link to order Leatherby’s Chocolate or Caramel sauces:  Shipping

Fundraisers - Do you offer fundraisers?

We are proud to support our local communities, organizations, groups and non-profits with several fundraising opportunities. Yet we recognize that each organization is unique. We want to speak to you directly, so please follow this link for more information: Fundraising

Sponsorships – Would Leatherby’s consider sponsoring our organization or team?

Leatherby’s, because of the great number of requests to sponsor teams and organizations, is not able to be a “typical” sponsor. However, there are a number of ways we CAN support your team or organization. Please visit our Donations Request page, describe your group and needs, and we will do our best to support you.

Bulk Purchases - Do you sell your ice cream or your sauces in bulk?

Yes, we sell our ice cream and sauces in bulk. Please contact the creamery closest to you (number listed above) and ask to speak with the manager for pricing and flavor option.

*If you are wishing to purchase the product for a fundraiser, let the manager know as you may qualify for a discounted price.

Cakes/Pies - Do you sell ice cream cake or pies?

At this time, we do not sell ice cream cakes or pies. But… who knows what the future holds.

Menu/Dietary Restrictions - I have dietary restrictions. Can you provide your ingredient list?

We are often asked about the ingredients used in our products. The following dietary information is available for your review. If you ever have any questions about the ingredients in our food while you are visiting our restaurant please speak with a manager and they will be happy to assist you.

Nut Free/Allergies

Birthday Cake
Bubble Gum
Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Mint
Cookie Dough
Cookies N Cream
Mocha Royal
Orange Sherbet
Rainbow Sherbet
Raspberry Sorbet
No Sugar Added Vanilla
Swiss Milk Chocolate
Triple Chocolate

Dairy Free Ice Cream

Raspberry Sorbet

No Sugar Added Ice Cream (Splenda is used as the sweetening agent)

Butter Pecan

Gluten Free Ice Cream

Banana Nut
Butter Pecan
Chocolate Mint
Mocha Almond Fudge
Mocha Almond Fudge
Mocha Royal
No Sugar Added Butter Pecan
No Sugar Added Vanilla
Pistachio Nut
Raspberry Sorbet
Toasted Almond
Triple Chocolate

Menu/Dietary Restrictions - Do you use milk/cream from cows treated with RBST?

There is no RBST hormone in the dairy products that we use in the manufacturing of our ice cream.

Menu Suggestions - How can I submit a request for a special flavor?

While we offer nearly 30 regular flavors of homemade ice cream, we also make a variety of “Seasonal and Special Flavors” to keep things fun and interesting. Each of our three creamery locations has their own ice cream maker; so if you have an idea for a “Special Flavor”, please share your thoughts with one of our managers during your next visit.

New Locations - Does Leatherby’s plan to expand? Will you come to my neighborhood?

Do you think a Leatherby’s Family Creamery would be a fun addition to your community? We are always open to new ideas and opportunities. Please let us know your thoughts…who knows what the future holds?!

Franchise Opportunities - Do you have plans to sell Leatherby’s Family Creamery franchises?

Thank you for your interest in owning a Leatherby’s location. A number of years ago, the Leatherby family formed a franchise company that opened nearly 30 creamery franchises in six states. Subsequently, the Leatherbys sold the franchise company and no longer had any connection to these locations. Today only one other franchise location still exists in Taylorsville, Utah. The Leatherby family still OWNS and OPERATES three stores in the Sacramento area (Arden Way, Citrus Heights and in Elk Grove). While the Leatherby family does plan to continue to nurture and grow their business, presently they do not plan to expand via franchising.

Speaking Requests - Can Mr. Leatherby come speak to my class or organization?

Since our opening day, the heart of our business has been to support the local community to the best of our ability. Over the years, the owners of Leatherby’s have spoken to many different organizations, groups and classes about a variety of topics: small business economics, restaurant management, grass roots marketing, motivation, business ethics and even about “faith” in business. Please send us a message at for more information.

Leatherby Family - Do the Leatherby's still work at the creamery?

Yes! We have 4 generations of Leatherby’s working in our creameries. When you come to visit please be sure to say hello!

Are you open on holidays?

We are open on all holidays except for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.