Founding Philosophy

Childhood is an extraordinary experience for children at Kensington School. Predicated upon a passionate respect for the formative years, we strive to impart an early educational experience that encompasses all aspects of a child’s development. We believe that establishing strong foundations in learning during the impressionable first years of a child’s life will ensure that each child is well equipped to successfully continue a pattern of joyful, lifelong learning.

Founded by an innovative educator, Kensington School is committed to a style of early education traditional at its core, yet progressive in a philosophy incorporating experiential project based learning for all ages. Within a warm, supportive community, we have created a rich, child-centered environment based on a sound understanding of child development. We embrace the principles of respected educational theorists, practicing teaching methods that encourage children to explore, communicate, question, feel and discover.

We believe that as children learn how to learn within Kensington School’s nurturing environment, they acquire a confidence and inquisitiveness that allows them to experience a sense of wonder and delight in all future learning.