Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning, A Child-Centered Curriculum of Curiosity
Young children are naturally inquisitive. They observe, they ask questions, and they love to investigate the world around them. At Kensington School, we encourage this natural intellectual curiosity and provide an environment that best supports it. Project Based Learning builds on a child’s need to know: Who? What? When? Where? Why?

Sensory Project Based Learning (Toddler Prep)

Even as Toddlers, children are encouraged to embark upon a focused exploration. Using all of their senses, toddlers grasp new knowledge and construct new ideas. Their excitement in each discovery is wonderfully evident.

Beginning Project Based Learning (Early Preschool)

Encourage an already inquisitive age with focused, hands-on explorations and what do you get? A whole new level of learning! In each month long exploration, their curiosity encouraged and inspired, children eagerly problem solve, think creatively and discover. Math and science interest centers as well as creative art and sensory experiences provide the tools for discovery possibilities. Working in small groups or individually engaged, the children have the ideal opportunities for skill development.

Project Based Learning (Preschool, PreKindergarten, Kindergarten)

Collaborating with their teachers, the children determine a topic that is worthy of investigation. Through circle time conversations and literature, children exercise their individual creativity and bring their ideas to a classroom topic web. The study of everyday topics becomes relevant and interesting to each child as they take ownership of the investigation.

Science, technology, engineering, art, and math are made accessible through authentic, meaningful experiences. Examining a “field site,” asking questions of “expert visitors,” as well as benefiting from extensive resources such as our SMART Board and literature, children have extensive opportunities to make detailed observations. As their own curiosity leads them to construct greater personal knowledge of the world, children discover the value of the skills they put into practice. Documentation and Representations fill each child’s individually created PBL Documentation Scrapbook or Folder – a treasured record of their unique learning experiences.