Growing Healthy and Strong

Organic Life

As nutrition in early childhood is vital to building strong bodies and minds, Kensington School serves only high-quality, natural foods catered by Organic Life. Mealtimes are served family-style and considered a significant social part of a child’s day. In this relaxed, friendly environment, children are encouraged to try new foods, while allergies and food restrictions are carefully monitored.


We are never too young to learn to stretch, focus, and relax. In a busy day, the opportunity offered by a few moments of yoga, whether in the classroom or with a special yoga instructor, is treasured. Children are encouraged with fun stretches, focused breathing and lots of smiles.


Whether outdoors in the fresh air in our play yard or taking advantage of the gross motor spaces in their school, teachers ensure that children participate in gross motor activities their young bodies require. Games, climbers, soccer, hoops, balls, and so much more are available to the children. The opportunity for free play in a large space, whether outside or in a gym, enhances social skills and physical agility. During the summertime months, the addition of sprinklers, water tables and mud kitchens opens new avenues for imagination and creativity in conjunction with gross motor activities.