What takes place in a Kensington School Nursery?

Our hands get messy; we move and grow; we reach, and we stretch, we sing and clap. We are exploring the possibilities in our great, big world.

Infant Possibilities
A monthly thematic curriculum unique to Kensington School called Infant Possibilities provides just the right balance between teacher interaction and independent exploration. Music and movement, sensory exploration, nature and art activities gently encourage little ones through significant developmental stages.

Infant Treasure Baskets
Baskets filled with everyday items – ribbons and yarn, fabrics, spoons and sponges, “tree” blocks and sensory balls, and more encourage curiosity and language development with tactile encounters and teacher dialogue.

Individualized Portfolios/Photo Journals
Celebrating everyday moments and significant milestones, families treasure this personalized record of their child’s early growth.

Music and Sound Explorations with our Music Teachers

Wave scarves, shake bells, rock, bounce and clap… Little ones tune their ears to the sounds and feel the rhythm from head to toe.

Yoga Twists

Gentle twists and stretches, giggles and smiles – it’s “Itsy Bitsy Yoga” time. How can yoga help my baby? Yoga aids in muscle development, improved digestion, and better sleep.

Infant Sign Language

Fundamental language skills begin with gestures. Infant Sign Language linked with verbal conversation enhances communication development and decreases frustration.

“News from the Nest” Parent Newsletter
Parents enjoy our monthly editions of “News from the Nest” that provide information on activities taking place in the nursery. Helpful articles and resources on timely topics are also shared just for our youngest children and their families.

Toddler Prep

Let’s start our journey down Kensington Lane, a delightful cognitive program that we have carefully created to appeal to our busy and ever-curious toddlers and their developmental needs.

On Kensington Lane Cognitive Development Program – Year 1

Visit with Grandma Pockets and meet her friends, the Stone Cottage Puppets. Open her suitcase or peek into her apron pocket; count the numbers on her clock or look through her picture book. New learning surprises await every week!

Each of Grandma Pockets’ eight furry friends – the Stone Cottage Puppets – emphasizes a curriculum component. Curious children eagerly anticipate their daily visits.

Sensory Project Based Learning: Toddlers

Even as Toddlers, children are encouraged to embark upon a focused exploration. Using all of their senses, toddlers grasp new knowledge and construct new ideas. Their excitement in each discovery is wonderfully evident.

Natural Wood Investigations

Curious hands are always exploring, and those fine motor muscles are getting stronger! “Natural Wood Investigations” at Kensington was created for those small, ever-grasping hands. Using soft, natural wood elements, you will find your child learning the early concepts of balancing, building, and sorting.

Music and Sound Explorations with our Music Teachers

Toddlers jump for joy when their music teacher visits. They march, dance, walk on tippy toes and bounce to the rhythms. Whether it be moving with the music, experiencing new sounds or singing along, music time is an essential multi-sensory learning experience.

Yoga Twists

Children benefit from the yoga program at Kensington School by increasing coordination, strengthening muscles, and improving sleep through yoga postures and developmental movement exercises.

Toddler Sign Language

Why use Toddler Sign Language when children are developing verbal speech? Fundamental language skills begin with gestures. Linking basic signs with oral communication not only decreases frustration but builds confidence. The light in a child’s face when they are understood in any way is never forgotten.