Innovative Curriculum

“Growing Up Kensington”
Curriculum at Kensington School, at every developmental level and in every classroom, is at the heart of what we do. We are entrusted with children during the most receptive period of their development, the first six years, and have developed unique and comprehensive curriculum components to stimulate and educate young minds at every age. These curriculum components set the stage for a joyful journey of learning.

Kensington School’s curriculum is traditional and academic at its core, innovative in creation and forward thinking in educational philosophy. Kensington School has set a standard in early childhood education for purposeful learning at its best.

Children’s laughter and excitement, their anticipation of what each day at Kensington School will bring, is what sets Kensington School’s curriculum apart.

Infant Nursery/Toddler Prep

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Early Preschool/Preschool

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Enrichment School/Camp Kensington

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Higher Level Thinking

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My children love going to Kensington School. The curriculum is great, and I love the family feel of the school.

Kelli BKensington Parent

The teachers and director are so inviting, caring, thoughtful and loving with my children. I could not imagine my children attending anywhere else!

Robin FKensington Parent

The staff is amazing, and the children love school! They have so much fun, and I love seeing all of the activities they do!

Lindsey FKensington Parent