Innovative Curriculum

“Growing Up Kensington”
Curriculum at Kensington School, at every developmental level and in every classroom, is at the heart of what we do. We are entrusted with children during the most receptive period of their development, their first six years, and have developed unique and comprehensive curriculum components to engage and educate young minds.

“Growing Up Kensington” sets the stage for a joyful life of learning. Kensington School’s curriculum is traditional and academic at its core, innovative in creation and forward thinking in educational philosophy. Barbara Marlas, the founder, has set a standard in early childhood education for purposeful learning at its best.

Infant Nursery

Toddler Prep

Our open and cheerful nurseries offer an exceptional setting for children six weeks through fifteen months. We welcome our littlest learners into a gentle, nurturing environment where each child is respected and valued as a growing individual.

Early Preschool/Preschool

Naturally inquisitive and active, young preschoolers thrive in an environment that supports them as individuals and challenges them with opportunities for involvement.



Building the foundation for Kindergarten. A PreKindergarten year at Kensington School is a pivotal year of essential curriculum.

Summer at Camp Kensington

Camp Kensington is packed with summer long adventures, thrills and excitement and some old-fashioned summertime fun. At Kensington School, learning is always nearby.

The Kensington Tinkerlab

Kensington School’s Tinkerlab is a place of wonder!

Project Based Learning

Young children are naturally inquisitive. They observe, they ask questions, and they love to investigate the world around them.