Kensington Cares

Collections of 850 pairs of shoes, 200 Halloween costumes and 1,500 birthday supply items for underprivileged children, 400 holiday gifts for Ronald McDonald House Charities, truckloads of canned goods, 575 pounds of care package supplies for active-duty soldiers, 300 mittens and 200 hats, and much more, because Kensington cares…

Kensington School is a vested member of each and every community we serve. Through carefully planned donation drives, community events and service projects, “Kensington Cares” strives to make a positive impact in our communities.

From Kensington School students and families contributing to giving baskets and mitten trees, to Kensington School staff members grabbing a hammer for Habitat for Humanity, Kensington children, families, teachers, and directors take pride in helping communities all over the Chicago area.

Giving Baskets – content to come