Kensington School’s Tinkerlab is a place of wonder! These labs are at the intersection of Art, Science and Technology. It is where children are encouraged to explore, innovate and most importantly — use their hands to learn. Through the use of our open-ended materials, light table, woodworking station, coding corner, robotics, and 3D printer, children can invent and test their creations, enhance their sense of design, stimulate their individual curiosity and strengthen their problem-solving skills. Whether children grow up to be scientists, mathematicians, designers, or business leaders, every future job will require creative, innovative, and motivated thinkers to solve problems and communicate ideas. The Kensington Tinkerlab is where we light that spark!

Kensington Enrichment School

Year after year, we are happy to hear of the many children who have discovered a new interest, or have benefited from the additional skill building opportunities gained by attending enrichment classes at Kensington School.
Kensington Enrichment School provides small group experiences in literacy, math, science, art, music, physical fitness, dance and more. Open to three, four and five-year-olds, these optional classes offer additional educational experiences, provide new skills development and foster new interests and talents.

Kensington Enrichment School also offers enrichment classes for two-year-olds who attend a part-day morning preschool class. It is a wonderful way to extend a two-year-old’s day with lunch and special thematic activities.

These small group enrichment classes are offered in sessions of five or six weeks and continue throughout the year.