Kensington Events

At the heart of every Kensington tradition is a meaningful experience, connecting families, children, and school.

Traditions play an important role in childhood, providing opportunities to learn, bond and grow, creating memories that extend beyond the preschool years. Kensington School’s traditions are highly anticipated events celebrating the seasons, family, friends, and the magic of childhood.

Grandparents’ Day, Mom’s Day, and Dad’s Day
More than a visit, every Grandparent’s Day, Mom’s Day, and Dad’s Day provides an opportunity for children to proudly share their world at their school. Grandparents participate with the children in events representative of a preschool day; Mom’s Day activities help the children pamper them with loving care; Dad’s Day is filled with rollicking activities that open a world of creativity and fun.

Thanksgiving Potluck
What could be better than having the opportunity to share a meal and conversation and make new friends.

Musical Programs
Music is integral to Kensington School’s curriculum. Presented by the children in the 3s and older classrooms, these highly anticipated seasonal programs are not to be missed. With costumes and props the children share their musical voices and bring seasonal celebrations alive.

A magical musical highlight of the winter season for all 4-year-olds, parents come together with staff the evening before to transform the school into a winter wonderland of lights and wonder. Such a surprise awaits the children upon entering the school the following day! A forest of glittering trees creates the perfect backdrop to their charming presentation of story and songs.

Spanish Fiesta
Under the guidance of their Spanish teacher, 4- and 5-year-old students share a colorful, musical, multicultural event.

The Wizard of Oz
Parents are invited to join in the celebration of the growth and accomplishments of each child as they transition from preschool to kindergarten. Their presentation of The Wizard of Oz is truly a graduation tradition to be remembered!

Seasonal celebrations are joyfully reflected in the displays of child created artwork throughout the schools as well as in outdoor activities: A Rainwear Fashion Show welcomes Spring with brightly colored boots, umbrellas, and raincoats; snowmen in the play yard welcome the first winter snows; little gardeners dig the soil to plant marigolds, tomatoes, pumpkins, and sunflowers. As each year the children mature, their participation in these traditional events increases and with it their delight in being part of Kensington School.