Wellness In Action

Benefits of On-site Registered Nurses
Kensington School’s top priority is the health and safety of all children in our care. With our on-site trained nurses observing sanitation routines, monitoring the health of children and staff, we are able to give parents the peace of mind that their child is an environment that places their safety and well-being as the #1 priority. Our on-site nurses evaluate injuries in a timely manner, contacting parents when necessary. Their ability to quickly assess symptoms indicating illness and to advise parents and staff accordingly, provides added assurance benefiting the overall health of the school community.

Health and Happiness Curriculum
Our nurses are the “Mrs. Health and Happiness” of each school, representing the heart and soul of well-being for the children. Dressed in their white coats trimmed with heart-shaped buttons and red and white ribbons, Mrs. Health and Happiness reflects calm, kindness, caring and joy. This very special nurse blends stories, hands-on activities and a bit of silliness to bring meaningful lessons to the children about nutrition, hygiene, dental health, sharing with friends, fire safety, and much more.

Best Health Practices
Maintaining a healthy environment is the basis for the best health practices to which Kensington School adheres. Each family is provided with Kensington School’s Best Health Practices to ensure they are aware of policies and guidance pertaining to health and wellness at the schools.

Vaccination Policy
All children attending Kensington School must be vaccinated according to the prescribed vaccination schedule for their age. A State of Illinois Health Certification form is part of each child’s file requirements and must be completed prior to a child attending.